Printing Your Portraits

Let’s discuss a little about printing your portraits! Why it is important and how to make it a stress free process for you. 

A portrait printed on canvas, beautifully displayed in your home in a frame or made into an album, holds so much value.  It’s something your family can touch with their hands.  They can see it every day!   They will smile as they walk by it.  And better yet when you see your children’s’ friend inquire if the picture is of them and they start talking about it with their friends. Those are details that matter. A child who sees a loving family on the walls of their home that is everything. Acceptance, Belonging and so much more is shared from printing your portraits and displaying them within the walls of your home. 

Bring your portraits to life. Choose printed….every single time!
and yes… size does matter when it comes to prints.

We all know digital portraits have no value until they are printed. And when they are printed- they become REAL, they instantly become a treasured heirloom in your home. Digital files are fragile and can become corrupt. That USB you have them all on (or do you still have disks full of images?) can go bad. While I understand all clients want an electronic negative from their session. We also need to remember they are not a permanent solution to archiving the session.  But, by printing your portraits they can always be scanned to make a digital! So, in reality, a print is by far more valuable than a digital file any day!

One day, that newborn portrait you have hanging in your child’s nursery will bring back sweet memories, it might bring a tear to your eye (or if you’re like me, you’ll bawl like a baby).

Print your Memories and let them speak for themselves!

I love to share my knowledge with my clients about the digital negatives they will receive with the package they buy! I will always encourage (ok maybe plead and beg..LOL) my clients to print their session. Whether it be a canvas, album or wall art. I want them to have images that will last forever. After all, why invest in a professional session for your USB to sit in a cupboard or drawer.

Did you know research has shown that images that are visible and on display for children to see, improves their well being, improves their sense of belonging, raises self-esteem, and instills a sense of security within a family unit! Now that is POWERFUL in my book.

Prints are so magical!  I love how sitting and staring at a print can make me forget for a moment about all the crazy going on.

It is my hope that your printed art does nothing but grow in sentimental value as your children grow.  Someday you will be able to pass down your heirloom pieces to the next deserving generation!

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