Studio 84 Portraits, where photographer Brittany Ebany invites you into a world of timeless elegance and creative expression. With a specialization in maternity, newborn and childrens studio portraits, fashion photography, and senior portraits, Brittany brings over a decade of expertise to every session.

Dive into custom-themed sessions that reflect your personality, and experience the joy of our Petite Portrait offerings through the Mini of the Month Club, ensuring monthly doses of captured beauty that fit seamlessly into your life. Join us at Studio 84 Portraits, where every photograph is a masterpiece in the making.

All Sessions require a Non-Refundable Retainer Fee of half the session price to book and secure a place in the Studio 84 Portraits Calendar.


 Studio 84 Portraits is not just about capturing moments; it's an artful journey where each click is carefully curated to tell a unique story. 


With Studio 84, maternity portraits are a sophisticated and stylized genre of photography that elevates the expecting mother to the status of a radiant and glamorous muse.

These portraits go beyond traditional maternity photography by seamlessly blending fashion and maternity, creating visually stunning images that reflect the grace, beauty, and strength of pregnancy. Photographers in this genre often employ avant-garde techniques, elegant wardrobe choices, and dramatic lighting to accentuate the expecting mother's silhouette and showcase the enchanting transformation of her body.

 The result is a series of striking and artistic images that not only celebrate the journey of motherhood but also redefine it as a high-fashion statement of empowerment and beauty.

"Elevating the art of anticipation – Maternity Photography, where the beauty of motherhood meets the canvas of life in every graceful capture."



A newborn photo shoot is a specialized session dedicated to capturing the delicate and precious moments of a newborn's early days. Typically conducted within the first two weeks of life, this intimate experience focuses on showcasing the innocence, tenderness, and unique features of the newborn. As a skilled photographer, trained specifically in newborn photography, I carefully craft a serene and comfortable environment for both baby and parents. Through gentle posing, soft lighting, and thoughtful composition, Brittany aims to freeze in time the fleeting details of a newborn's appearance and the unparalleled bond between the little one and their family. The resulting images become cherished keepsakes, preserving the ephemeral beauty of the newborn stage for parents to treasure as their child grows.

"Capturing the sweetest beginnings, one tiny detail at a time – Newborn Photography, where timeless moments meet the art of innocence."



Milestone photography during a baby's first year is a captivating journey, capturing the intricate tapestry of growth and discovery in five key chapters: newborn, three months, six months, nine months, and the grand finale at twelve months. Each session becomes a cherished time capsule, documenting the blossoming personality, physical milestones, and the profound transformations of your little one. From the endearing expressions at three months to the joyous moments of sitting up at six months, the adorable discoveries at nine months, and the celebration of the first birthday at twelve months, 

"Capturing the Journey: A Year in the Life of Little Miracles – Where Every Smile, Crawl, and First Step Unfolds in Timeless Moments."


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At Studio 84 Portraits, we believe every moment of childhood is a treasure worth preserving. Join us as we unveil the enchanting world of child portraits – from what to expect during your session, a peek into our client closet filled with portrait-perfect outfits, to the imaginative sets and custom-themed designs crafted by the talented Brittany for any occasion!

Capturing the Joy, Wonder, and Timeless Moments of Childhood through Heartfelt Portraits.



Studio 84 Portraits stands out as the best senior photographer in West Tennessee due to our unparalleled expertise and extensive experience. Our skilled photographers possess a deep understanding of capturing the unique essence of each senior, ensuring that every portrait is a true reflection of their personality and achievements.

Elevate Your Senior Year: Timeless Portraits, Unique Stories, Unforgettable Memories.



We are not currently booking for family sessions at this time.

Spring Family Sessions will go live for booking on April 1st at 9:00AM